Association Net4SocialImpact

Our association is dedicated to you: the social entrepreneurs in Europe and their partners. The association is a result of “CE-RESPONSIBLE” – a project dedicated to connecting social entrepreneurs and corporations. Our Platform will be sustainable and encourage networking. The association is the formal entity which runs the platform.

It will be an association of legal and natural persons, which supports the collaboration of social and altruistic entrepreneurs, for the sake of common interests in the field of social entrepreneurship in Central Europe.

It will be managed as a non-profit, non-political, independent and voluntary non-governmental organization.

The association will be established with the purpose to implement activities of the project “CE RESPONSIBLE” supported by Interreg CE Programme.

General objectives of the association:
  • to establish a common platform in Central Europe for promotion of altruistic entrepreneurship and encouraging long-term cooperation between altruistic and social entrepreneurs,
  • to promote altruistic mentorship to social companies among altruistic entrepreneurs,
  • to become an open space for the exchange of information, new knowledge, good practices and ideas for the development of the altruistic and social entrepreneurship in Central Europe.

Activities of the association:

 To achieve its purpose and objectives, the association shall carry out the following activities:

  • development of altruistic label, promoting social and ethical entrepreneurship. Label will be awarded to altruistic entrepreneurs in partners’ regions, working in line with ethical standards promoted by association,
  • providing coaching to social and altruistic entrepreneurs about establishment of common interests and setting up goals for mutual  long-term cooperation,
  • developing and testing project on-line tools, where different types of cooperation between altruistic and social entrepreneurs will be tested and evaluated,
  • collaboration with regional, national and international organizations, supporting altruistic and social entrepreneurship and social economy. 

Declaration of the association

As entrepreneur/organization from Central Europe...