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The main statutory goal of the organization is activities for the development of rural areas, i.e. undertaking initiatives and activities aimed at stimulating the activity of local communities and the construction society.
The aim is to create an innovative model of activities developing civic activity based on intergenerational volunteering in the Local Action Group.

In 2021, the LAG together with volunteers carried out many social campaigns. Among the most important are:

  1. In the Gutwin center in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, on Saturday, June 5, a charity run was organized for the blind Bartek Kapsa, a student of the Special Educational and Educational Center. The organizers of the run and the picnic, during which money was collected for Bartek’s treatment and rehabilitation, were the Special School and Educational Center in Ostrowiec Św. and the Świętokrzyska Community Association, as well as the Ostrowiec Runners Association “OstroBiec”.
  2. In 2021, our volunteers (on their own initiative) became involved in helping animals for the benefit of the “Podaj pawę” Animal Aid Association of Kunów. The youth helped clean the dog farms, took them for walks and organized a series of collections in schools for food for the charges of the shelter.
  3. The youth took part in the “Sport All-around” organized by the PCK District Branch in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, the Commission for Honorary Blood Donation at the PCK OR in Ostrowiec and the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center “Gutwin”. Games in the form of fun are aimed at high school students from Ostrowiec County who donate blood. The aim of the action was to integrate young blood donors, encourage further participation in blood donation and promote a healthy lifestyle.

4.On November 17, within the walls of the State Fire Service No. 5 in Osiedle Ogrody, the applicant together with the Council of the Ogrody Estate and the Association for the Development of Primary School No. 5 in Ostrowiec Św. “Together for five” they organized the “Andrew’s Senior Ball”.

  1. In December 2021, a film promoting voluntary activities was made. About 30 volunteers from various schools in Ostrowiec County participated in its implementation.
  2. The action “Summer starts the volunteer” took place in August in one of the municipalities of Ostrów Wielkopolski, where the Local Volunteer Center was established with the support of the Applicant. The action was attended by 12 school children and adolescents (including 9 from the target group Family with challenges) and 3 adult volunteer carers. The aim of the action was mainly the social activation of the participants and their families, but also the self-development of the participating volunteers
  3. The “Generations” campaign took place in December, in which 7 seniors from Ostrowiec County and 7 volunteers took part. During this action, seniors and young people went to a restaurant and a cinema together.

8. The “Magic of Christmas Eve” initiative promoting local volunteering and integrating the local community in an extremely magical way took place on 15.12.2021. On that day, the following events took place: creating Christmas decorations, caroling and decorating a live Christmas tree, feasting and games of volunteers with children who came in great numbers that day.

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