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Bridge Budapest is a movement of value-driven and long-term thinking business people, based in Hungary.

They believe with catalysing the value-based business culture they can make our environment more competitive and loveable. They aspire to live and raise our children in a world where companies recognize their role and impact on social issues. To achieve this, they believe it is essential for companies to value performance and knowledge over social affiliations.

Main projects:

The Initiative for Conscious Business Culture is a growing community of conscious entrepreneurs in Hungary. It was designed to give an opportunity to the them to reflect on their own operation, how are they acting regarding integrity, transparency and conscious business behaviour.

Edisonplatform’s goal is to bring together the civilian, business, scientific, educational actors involved in the future of children to gather good practices, create new knowledge, and improve the thinking of children and adults.

Bridge Bizniscool is a joint project of Bridge Budapest and Logiscool, aimed at educating the entrepreneurial and business mindset, familiarizing the operation of businesses and raising awareness of businesses and companies for children aged 9-14.

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