EN-LITE Društvo za spodbujanje energetske pismenosti

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The mission of the EN-LIT NGO is to strengthen the voice of the profession in public and media debates and in energy and energy education. We want to contribute to the understanding that making responsible, truly sustainable decisions in energy must be based on professionally verified facts and figures. In our activities to strengthen energy literacy.

“PROJECT:Strengthening energy literacy –for the responsible shaping of Slovenia’s energy future”: partnership between ELES d.o.o.(national electricity network operator) and EN-LITE association is to strengthen energy literacy for the responsible shaping of Slovenia’s energy future. ELES is a long-time supporter of the EN-LITE association, whose mission is to promote energy literacy among stakeholders, with an emphasis on the young generation (pupils and students, their teachers and professors), the general professional public, decision-makers and the media.


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