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Rock Your Life! is and remains obliged to the vision of educational equity and equal opportunities. The idea that every person has a unique potential and that the possibility of living this potential, is the key to happier people and a better social cooperation. This is the core of Rock Your Life!’s work.

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Started as a student initiative for more educational equality, ROCK YOUR LIFE! is now a competence provider for educational work and potential development active throughout Europe. As a professional consultancy in the fields of personal development, leadership and mentoring, we offer innovative and effective programmes for organisations, schools, companies and individuals.

All activities, whether in the non-profit or corporate area, ultimately target a great vision: development of potentials for all. Because the knowledge of one’s own strengths, talents and values makes people grow out of themselves, lets them design their way themselves and live their vocation.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! is active in many areas: as an international educational initiative, as a place for personal development, as a talent factory for trainers and as a competence centre for human resources and organisational development.

But above all, ROCK YOUR LIFE! is the realisation of a great idea: that every person and their unique potential counts! That is why today we offer customised programmes in three areas to develop potential:

DEVELOPING SCHOOLS: The successful education programme R!EACH by ROCK YOUR LIFE! DEVELOPING SCHOOLS is committed to giving young people a good start in school, work and training.

DEVELOPING PEOPLE: ROCK YOUR LIFE! coaching programmes are aimed at individuals who want to realign their professional and educational careers and become changemakers themselves.

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DEVELOPING ORGANIZATIONS: As part of the corporate programmes, ROCK YOUR LIFE! advises companies and organisations in the area of human resources and organisational development and pass on our knowledge through coaching and training.

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The effectiveness of the award-winning Mentoring Program called “R!EACH” was proven in a comprehensive scientific study (ifo, 2021): Rock Your Life!’s mentoring program levels the disadvantages due to the origin of young people from educational families with regard to school achievements, patience, job market opportunities and self-confidence. It’s so easy: mentoring works!

The programmes increase employee satisfaction and retention, reduce employee turnover and training drop-outs, create a collaborative working environment and help improve communication and knowledge flows within the organisation. This ensures effective and goal-oriented cooperation, saves turnover costs and protects against costly friction losses in the company. ROCK YOUR LIFE! offers to companies cover three areas:

  • Training to develop potential: Analysis and targeted development of the individual potential of employees.
  • Management training: Further education and training for personnel managers in the area of new leadership.
  • Mentoring programmes: We qualify employees as mentoring specialists or, if desired, implement a complete in-house mentoring programme.

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