Slovensko društvo Hospic

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The Slovenian Hospice Association is a non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization founded in June 1995. The basic program of the association is the care of the seriously ill / people with advanced chronic disease in the final phase of their lives and their relatives at home, the latter also in the mourning process. We strive to make death, just like birth, a natural element of life.

Project “Oldi stroller / extra mobile bed for disabled and immobile people”: is a collaboration project between Hospic and  developer of the product, mr Verbovšek Alojz. The Oldi / mobile bed wheelchair project is of wider social importance as it offers disabled people and people with limited mobility the opportunity to go out into the fresh air. The Oldi stroller also allows  longer walks in the surroundings or exploring various cities, parks, visiting the National Gallery, museums, sports matches, outdoor concerts and feeling the pulse of the surroundings and society.

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