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Sustify is a measurable and scalable eLearning platform for factories. It offers courses on topics such as fire protection, occupational health and safety (OHS) and the basics of workers’ rights and obligations – a pre-requisite for an effective grievance mechanism.

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Sustify’s training supports workers in emerging and developing countries such as Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan by helping them to acquire basic knowledge or refresh their existing knowledge. The program can form part of a hybrid learning approach, and is the ideal training solution to use during the Covid19 pandemic. Use capacity building in order to make your procurement more sustainable!

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Sustify’s is targeting companies that produce in the Global South and want to increase compliance in the supply chain with a “beyond auditing” approach. Sustify is currently focusing on the textile, metal, plastics and chemical industries. Basically, their solution is customizable and suitable for any labour-intensive manufacturing.

Sustify offers people with little basic knowledge and learning experience a low-threshold and motivating entry into workplace learning with e-learning courses on tablets (SaaS). All learning content is already developed, based on typical non-compliance topics regarding social standards in global supply chains.

They currently offer two courses on occupational health and safety (another course on human rights is under development). Each course lasts 8 weeks with a weekly login per user of 15 minutes. Their didactic concept is based on the principle of distributed repetition, i.e. the structure of the training is individually adapted to each learner depending on the outcome of a session.

If desired, each user also receives a confirmation of participation and the production site receives an individual score.

The trainings are measured on a KPI dashboard, the results of individual indicators can also be downloaded directly as a file, e.g. for sustainability reporting. Real-time monitoring also enables continuous monitoring of the participation rate. Impact measurement is additionally carried out through a directly integrated survey at the end of the course, i.e. after 2 months of training.

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Sustify is offering E-learning courses (social standards) in combination with supply chain grievance management (e.g. Asia); this helps companies to minimise risk, prevent reputational damage, meet ESG criteria, be compliant – and have a clear conscience to make this planet a bit more sustainable.

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