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Knof is a social enterprise that develops sustainable solutions. Enterprise is the most recognizable by the TURNKEY RE-USE BOUTIQUE – until this date 5 re-use boutiques “Stara šola” (Old School) were opened. The Old School franchise operates on a market model that has positive effects on the environment, the local economy and the community.

“Reusable Furniture Salon project”

Intensive consumption of fresh raw materials in the past, today has led to a shortage of raw materials on the one hand and a greater amount of waste on the other.In the light of the presented challenges, Kostak (public utility company) and  Knof, with the support of the Municipality of Krško, designed the Reusable Furniture Salon project. The aim of the project is to implement the hierarchy of waste management, prevention and design of a logistics model for the management of used bulk materials and some others (eg electrical and electronic equipment, used clothing and footwear, etc.), which also takes into account the quality of raw materials and ensures repair of all useful technical products or the use of all biological materials.

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