Zavod za gozdove Slovenije, Območna enota Tolmin

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Mission of the Slovenian Forest Service:preservation and sustainable development of Slovenian forests and all their functions for their sustainable and quality management and use, as well as the preservation of nature in the forest area for the benefit of present and future generations.

PROJECT “Tree planting campaign – 1 tree per employee”: together with Municipality of Cerkno and local for-profit company ETA d.o.o. (part of global EGO Group),  Institute joined  in the EGO Group Tree Planting Campaign – a global initiative joined by many employees in several international locations, thus contributing to greater sustainability at EGO. At each production site in the world, individuals voluntarily plant different trees, depending on their contribution to the environment. At ETA d.o.o. Cerkno, more than 30 volunteers planted trees at location around Cerkno (Zakriž).In the project, we combined volunteering, caring for nature, networking among employees.

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