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The “Social enterprises and the social economy going forward” report, adopted in October 2016, is a capstone of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship (GECES).
Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo (ABD) has developed and implemented more than 65 services and programmes to support vulnerable people and fight social exclusion. Their actions focus on strengthening community care and the independence of people most in need.
The Austrian promotional bank (aws) is an initiative by the Austrian federal government. aws supports companies in implementing projects by offering soft loans, grants and guarantees, particularly in cases where the funds required cannot be obtained through alternative funding. They also offer coaching to companies in formation, as well as existing and expanding companies.
B-Cause encourages people, organisations and communities to transform their lives, by developing the giving culture and social investment. The organisation tries to foster cross-border giving and philanthropy as well as community development and social entrepreneurship.
BATTITI is the accelerator and validation programme dedicated to innovative startups producing high social and environmental impact in the Emilia Region (Italy). It is promoted by Emil Banca with the technical support of Kilowatt.
Big Society Capital exists to improve the lives of people in the UK through investment with a sustainable return. Thet are the leading social impact-led investor, restless for change.
Brodoto is social impact agency specialized in business development, campaigns and education. The team is committed to supporting companies and individuals in developing their business ideas to be both competitive and socially responsible
Cambridge Social Ventures supports a whole range of businesses that have positive social and environmental impacts.
CE RESPONSIBLE is supporting Social Entrepreneurs to connect with established corporations and experienced partners.
Welcome to the world of Crowdfunding. shows how SME’s can grow with the power of the Crowd, and helps Starters, Citizens, Platforms and Policy Makers to learn more about the modern way of financing.
Crowdfunding Academy team educate about crowdfunding, support teams with tools and resources and promote crowdfunding as a great way to make your projects come to life.
The Crowdfunding Campus is the first certified educational provider in Germany that offers courses and services specifically for Crowdfunding, swarm intelligence and digital campaign management.
Energy 4 Impact is a non-profit organisation working with local businesses to extend access to energy in Africa, impacting the quality of life for millions of people. Its report comprises part of Energy 4 Impact’s research programme ‘Crowd Power’ which examines the role of alternative finance, such as crowdfunding, in the energy access sector.
The DelFin project is promoting social entrepreneurship in rural regions which face special transformation challenges related to advancing economic and social innovation.
Practical tools to trigger and support social innovation.
Since 2018, the German Social Entrepreneurship Monitor (DSEM) has provided annual information on the German social entrepreneurship ecosystem. It aims to provide decision-makers from politics, business and civil society with a basis for supporting social enterprises.
Driving the Human invites designers, artists, scientists, initiatives, and agents from any other field of expertise, from anywhere in the world, to join them in shaping sustainable and collective futures that combine science, technology, and the arts in a transdisciplinary and collaborative approach. Open Call invites proposals that critically engage with society, the planet, and life itself.
Empow’Her is a social venture working for women’s empowerment, creating tools and opportunities for women to thrive as entrepreneurs.
Euclid Network is the premier European network for organisations that support social entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders. Euclid’s vision is to see civil society and social enterprise empowered to drive positive change.
Solidarity Project (part of ESC) is an activity developed & implemented by young people for a period from 2 to 12 months. It gives a group of minimum 5 young persons the chance to express solidarity by taking responsibility & committing themselves to bring positive change in their community. Participation in a solidarity project could be also a first step into establishing social enterprises.
Foundation of Social Entrepreneurship is a non-governmental organization founded in 2015. It deals with supporting social economy entities, i.e. social cooperatives, social enterprises, non-profit companies, and other entities focused on social activities. The goal of the Foundation is to promote the idea of ​​social entrepreneurship as a way to achieve the statutory goals of ngos.
Green Foundation is a young Slovak program-based Foundation transcending Central Europe that primarily focuses on developing social innovation, adapting society to major challenges such as climate change, new technologies, and supporting young people’s civic engagement. Green Foundation is currently concentrating its attention on the program Roots & Shoots by Jane Goodall.
The Global Reporting Initiative (known as GRI) is an international independent standards organization that helps businesses; governments and other organizations to understand, report and communicate their impacts such as climate change, human rights and corruption.
Gruppo Unipol created a Business Foundation- classified as a not for profit body – engaged in the support to many cultural and social initiatives through financement and other actions. Among the most important one: CULTURABILITY initiative to support projects of regeneration of urban spaces (such as abandoned industrial sites or underused sites) dedicated to cultural and social innovative project

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