Giro d’Italia della CSR is a series of events taking place in different Italian cities from January to June 2021 with the aim to discuss issues related to CSR and social innovation.
2021-01-01 08:00:00
2021-06-30 17:00:00
RSI Academy is part of the project CERUSI, which is operating the "SkyRocket platform". It's a free course in 5 modules that allows you to discover more about the area of your activity.
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2021-06-30 17:00:00
The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched the Bridge to Benefits Master Class, which encourages future project initiations of NGOs, social entrepreneurs and for-profit companies, building on the results of the CE Responsible project.
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2021-06-29 23:59:59
The ceremonial announcement of the fifth year of the SDGs Awards will take place on 17th September 2021 in gardens of the Czernin Palace at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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2021-09-16 23:59:59
The Congress is a chance to discuss the opportunities and prospects for the development of the activities of non-governmental organizations from Kielce and swietokrzyski region. New edition is planned inContinue reading
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2021-10-12 23:59:59
Open Eyes Economy Summit – OEES is an interdisciplinary enterprise par excellance. Individual sessions and panels are designed in such a way as to confront the experiences of representatives ofContinue reading
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2021-11-17 17:00:00
The World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is the world’s largest initiative to promote women’s entrepreneurship and financial development, which is celebrated in 144 countries, including Poland. Women’s entrepreneurship gives sense toContinue reading
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This year, the forum will traditionally show the profiles of entities that will receive the Prosocial Purchase Mark Certificate, and we will also present the remaining “Znakowiczów”. During the discussionContinue reading
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