Social Entrepreneurship Conference 2022


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The conference:

We are inviting you to attend the online Conference: Supporting The Economy of Positive Change to be held on March 23rd 2022; 10AM – 1PM.

The conference is organized by two Interreg Central Europe projects; DelFin and CE Responsible, and is dedicated towards supporting and connecting actors of positive social impact – policy makers, networks, socially responsible businesses, investors, foundations, civil society and social enterprises.

The programme will focus on presentation of supporting the social entrepreneurship in rural regions, and on empowering social business in Central Europe, connecting entrepreneurs with social entrepreneurs in nine countries, during three year projects’ implementation.


10am: Welcome and short presentation of CE RESPONSIBLE’s & DelFin’s mission


  • Sarah Pust, pusteblumemedia


  • Anja Prislan, E-Zavod, CE Responsible
  • Dana Günther, Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt, DelFin

10.20am – Session #1: Development & support of responsible Entrepreneurship

Socially responsible enterprises, community services and support for social enterprise culture


  • Sara Teglia, Impronta Etica, Title: Impronta Etica: How to develop & support responsible business
  • Beatrix Bedő, Impact HUB Budapest, Title: Challenges in supporting social entrepreneurs in Hungary
  • Erdmuthe Klaer, Reves Network, Title: The role of the social economy in tackling present and future challenges of remote rural areas

11.00am –  Session #2: Enhancing policy support of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tools and models of enhancing policy support of social innovation and entrepreneurship


  • Francesco Silvestri, Economia e Ecologia s.r.l, Title: Framework  model for support of social economy in CE regions
  • Madgalena Weiglhofer, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Title: Measuring Social Impact – Approaches and Difficulties
  • Tamás István Szenttamási, IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry, Title: DelFin – Tools for Social Business in Rural Regions
  • Dana Günther, Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt, Titel: DelFin’s Transnational Strategy and Regional Action Plans

12.00 pm – Break

12.10 pm – Session #3: Stories of Social Entrepreneurs & Change Makers

Stories of successful social entrepreneurs and change makers, bringing  positive impact to Central Europe regions

 CE Responsible Social Entrepreneurs’ stories:

  • Sonja Westphal, Project Sustify: explain.train.measure (Germany)
  • Tóthné Almássy Monika, Project Hospital-School  (Hungary)
  • Luca della Rossa and Alessandra Biconne, Project Dispense Solidali (Italy)
  • Project Courtyard at Koníček – community space at the Vodňany municipal library  (Czech Republic)
  • Project BeRTA All in One Facade Greening (Austria)

DelFin Social Entrepreneurs’ stories:

  • Sven Heinitz, Social Entrepreneur: PIEMONTEBOX – il Piemonte a casa tua (Italy)
  • Robert Boehm, Social Entrepreneur, Perdix Creations (Germany): The Future of human-focused social work (and how to survive as a rural startup)

12.50 pm  – Final remarks and conclusions


Via Zoom



Sara Teglia

Ms Teglia is the coordinator of Impronta Etica. She has six years’ experience in implementing CSR and sustainability projects with member companies and external stakeholders (institutions, companies, universities, NGOs). Sara developed some projects as project manager and has a strong experience as trainer & speaker on sustainability issues. Sara has a Master of Science in “Job & business management” from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano. Her studies focused on job systems and human capital, with a focus on public and private welfare systems.”

Organisation: Impronta Etica


Francesco Silvestri

Mr Silverstri  holds a PhD in Economics (University of Ferrara), degrees in Economics (University of Bologna) and Political Science (University of Bologna).

He is partner and CEO at eco&eco Economia e Ecologia s.r.l., a SME specialized in studying the economic and social aspects of protecting, managing and enhancing environmental resources for local development purposes.

He is also adjunct Professor in Economics at University of Bologna, University of Ferrara and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He wrote about 30 scientific papers and books on circular economy, sustainable economy and rural development.

From 2016 to 2021 he has also been member of the National team of experts supporting the Italian National Strategy on Inner Areas (SNAI).

Organization: eco&eco


Magdalena Weiglhofer

Magdalena Weiglhofer is a researcher at the department of Marketing and Relationship Management at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. She holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Ulster University, Northern Ireland and has extensive international experience in working in and with third sector organisations, including evaluation of their work’s impact, which gave her insight into the difficulties of third sector impact measurement.

Organization: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


Beatrix Bedo

Beatrix, an experienced financial strategist, the Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Budapest, a leading organization of the impact ecosystem. As the Lead of programming and partnership, she works in incubations of social enterprises, in leading project-based teams, support measuring impact, stating risk areas and overviewing the operation of various organizations. She is an angel investor as she has already invested in 4 projects, mainly interested in health and community-based investments. She considers herself as a Change-maker.


Sven Heinitz

I’m Sven, born and raised in Dresden, Germany, where I did my bachelor’s degree in media science. For 6 years I’m living in Italy, where I did my master’s degree in communication science, and I specialized myself in tourism marketing. For the last 3 years I’ve lived in the Maira Valley in Piedmont on 1500m in San Martino. The valley, an outdoor paradise became my home where my project idea was born, I would like to share with my compatriots the life I am living here in the Piedmonts Alps in all aspects. And I became in the meantime a tour leader, hiking and bicycle guide and will combine all my knowledge and connections from the Piedmont region in an unique touristic gastronomic offer.

István Tamás Szenttamási

István Tamás Szenttamási is an international project manager and social enterprise expert at IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd., where he is responsible for the DelFin project and for the design and implementation of international projects targeting the areas of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and employment. As a cultural anthropology graduate he has been always interested in the border areas of social issues, economics and employment. Therefore, his attention turned towards social economy and social entrepreneurship early, and he has been contributing to the development of the Hungarian social enterprise sector as a practitioner entrepreneur as well as an expert of governmental agencies and different level projects

Website: IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. –

Robert Böhm

The German startup Perdix Creations aims to digitalize human-focused social work. We are developing innovative solutions for children’s homes, old people’s homes and a broader economy, facing demographic change. To finance noncommercial projects like our child protection app KiSchu, we’re also creating apps for museums and cultural institutions. Perdix Creations is based in Koethen/Saxony Anhalt.


Erdmuthe Klaer

Deputy Secretary General, European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy (REVES aisbl).

Since more than 15 years and together with my colleagues I accompany cities/regions, on one hand, and local/regional social economy organisations, on the other, in their exploration of different forms of cooperation aiming to strengthen the social economy specifically and a fairer, more participative and sustainable local development more in general. Next to the organisation of peer-learning initiatives and experimentation between local and regional players I am also involved in policy work my organisation is carrying out at European and international level (contribution to the European Commission expert group on social economy and social enterprise, to the European Commission expert group around Cohesion Policy Funds; cooperation with the European Parliament – including its Intergroup on Social Economy; co-animation and co-management of international exchange on legal frameworks for the social economy under a recent OECD initiative, etc.) Moreover, I’m involved in different social economy initiatives also at private level.

Summary of the input from Dr. Klaer


Dana Günther

Dana Günther is working in the Unit Strategy and European Affairs at Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt (Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt), which is the development bank of Saxony-Anhalt. She is experienced in different fields of funding and is also interim project manager and lead partner of the Interreg CE project DelFinwhich aims to promote social entrepreneurship in rural regions. Organisation: Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt/ Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt, today as representative of DelFin

Sonja Westphal

Sustify – Reach the whole workforce with individual digital training for occupational health & safety to educate and engage workers. The pre-requisite for functional grievance management in global supply chains as required by legislation. Make training inclusive, measurable, and verifiable!

Project Dispense Solidali