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How to use​ is connecting Social Entrepreneurs with established corporations and experienced partners for building a community around impact topics. 

Are you a social entrepreneur? Add your company to our database or search for relevant resources.

Are you an impact-driven entrepreneur? Find social enterprises to connect with and add relevant resources.

1. Is your organisation already in the database?

  • Please go the start page Net4SocialImpact.EU.
  • Find the Search Field.
  • Enter the Name of your organisation.
a) Your organisation already is in our database?
  • Fantastic! Please check if all the information is correct.
  • If information is missing, then let us know: Contacts.
b) Your organisation is missing in our database?​
  • Please add your organisation through this form: Add New!

2. Would you like to find a good match?

b) Where do you live?
  • Choose the continent where you live.
  • Click “Next”.
  • If you are based in Europe, then choose one of the European countries.
  • Click “Next”.
d) What kind of matching do you need?
  • Select one of the six actions.
  • For Funding opportunities chose “Funding”
  • For Mentoring opportunities chose “Mentoring”
  • For Networking and Collaborations choose “Networking”
  • For Volunteering choose “Volunteering”
  • For Growing and Scaling up chose “Scaling”.
  • For Meeting choose “Meeting”.
  • Click “Submit”.
a) Are you looking for a social entrepreneur or a supporter for social entrepreneurs?
  • Choose “Social Business Projects” if you are looking for a social entrepreneur or a social innovation.
  • Chose Resources for Social Entrepreneur if you are looking for someone to support social entrepreneurs.
  • Click “Next”.
c) Which topic do you work on?
  • Choose the Sustainable Development Goal which is closest to your work.
  • Click “Next”.

3. How do you like our page?

  • Please help us make our page better by filling out this survey: Usability Test

4. Would you like to join our association?​

  • Become part of our network by joining our Association!
  • All information on the free association and the members can be found here: Association