About us


NET4SOCIALIMPACT.eu is connecting Social Entrepreneurs with established corporations and experienced partners for building a community around impact topics. 

As a social entrepreneur you can check our database and browse through the following resources: 

  • business
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As an impact driven supporter you can browse through the database and search for innovative social business projects from Central Europe and find out, what kind of support they are looking for. 

CE Responsible – Empowering Social Business in Central Europe

Net4SocialImpact.eu was created within the framework of the Interreg Central Europe project CE RESPONSIBLE by 11 partners from 9 EU countries to connect Social Entrepreneurs with established corporations and experienced partners.

The Project Partners are based in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Our Association

Our association is dedicated to you: the social entrepreneurs in Europe and their partners. It is a result of “CE RESPONSIBLE” – a project dedicated to connecting social entrepreneurs and corporations.