About us

Connecting Social Entrepreneurs and Altrupreneurs

A social network, a database of resources, a tool for receiving and giving support to social entrepreneurs.

The Project “CE-RESPONSIBLE” has been created to connect Social Entrepreneurs and Altrupreneurs. The Project started with 11 Partners.

Through the “Net4SocialImpact.EU“, we are creating a community for social entrepreneurs and a database of resources for social entrepreneurs.

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A network for social entrepreneurs, experts in social impact and business support organisations.

Scaling up

Find the right partners to take your idea to the next level


Communicate with people which share your passion.

Finding Volunteers and Staff

Recruit people to your cause.


Display a profile of your project and let others find it.


Exchange knowledge, provide and receive advice.


Search for funding opportunities.


Partner Statements

We support the Net4SocialImpact.EU!

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs in Central Europe

The Net4SocialImpact.Eu allows social entrepreneurs in Slovenia to reach partners in other part of Europe - and have more impact!

Making Good Projects Visible across Europe and across the world

We have great social entrepreneurs - but they need more visibility. We will support them reaching out to the world.

Tools and Educational Material to learn for success

We provide a number of tools and materials that are designed to help your growth and scale your success!

People supporting you!

Meet our Team

Darko Fercei

CEO eZavod (Lead Partner)

Petra Jurlina

CEO Brodoto (Communication Lead)

Karsten Wenzlaff

CEO ikosom (Community Lead)

Prof. Dr. Giulia Allegrini

University of Bologna (Lead Legal Analysis)

Prof Dr. Christine Vallaster

FH Salzburg (Research Lead)

Horváthné Barsi Boglárka

MTA Regionális Kutatások Központja, Nyugat-magyarországi Tudományos Intézet, Győr (Support Mechanism Lead)