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Acker e. V. is a social enterprise that operates at the interface between education, agriculture, environment and nutrition. Acker is convinced: Only a society that values nature and food is sustainable. With its practice-led educational offerings, the social enterprise therefore creates formative experiences in nature for children and adults throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Acker’s educational programmes 

In the educational programmes for pre-schools and schools, children grow their own vegetables together with their nursery or school teachers. On their own vegetable plot or in indoor beds directly in their classroom, the children experience where the food on their plates comes from and just how delicious fresh vegetables taste. Acker e. V. supports the supervising teachers with a variety of educational and accompanying materials, further training as well as active, on-site support. The goal: Inspiring a young generation for healthy nutrition and sustainability! 


In the year-round AckerRacker educational programme, pre-schoolers discover nature with all their senses. In their own vegetable garden, they experience how seedlings and cuttings grow into delicious food. 


In the multi-award-winning GemüseAckerdemie programme, pupils aged 9 to 12 grow their own vegetables. They gain an understanding of natural interrelationships and learn how many resources are contained in fresh food.  


3 beds – 1 classroom – lots of fresh vegetables: In the GemüseKlasse programme, children grow their own vegetables and herbs directly in the classroom and experience directly how food grows naturally. 

Offerings for adults 

With its diverse offerings for adults, Acker also takes its mission into businesses, rental accommodation and private homes, creating even more unique food-related experiences. 

The Ackerpause office gardening and urban farming concept brings vegetable beds into offices and neighbourhoods. This enables employees and housing tenants to integrate vegetable growing into their daily lives. 

Black Turtle  

With Black Turtle, Acker e. V. offers individuals customised growing kits for their garden, balcony or raised bed. Participants learn about rare traditional vegetables and make a valuable contribution to biodiversity.

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