Agricultural cooperative of the island of Krk

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Founded in 2006 with the aim of gathering farmers on the island of Krk and for its co-op memebers to help each other. It has twenty-two members, and its main activities of the cooperative include sheep breeding, cow and cattle breeding, winemaking and olive growing. Helps its members improve and increase production, to better brand and market their products.

To give just one example, sheep wool has been discarded on the islands for years and pollutes the environment instead of being used as a very useful raw material. Last year, in cooperation with several local self-government units and a local utility company, the Co-Op started collecting wool and selling it through various channels, while educating citizens about innovative uses, such as use in agriculture and horticulture. They have just finished work on an action plan for wool disposal for the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and they plan to work on local processing of wool into pelleted fertilizer that would be used locally. The positive impact would be creating at least two jobs in sorting and processing wool, financial support for shepherds in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the possibility of buying local raw materials for local crafts and companies, increased environmental awareness of citizens. They are welcoming partners, customers of sheep wool (businesses and individuals), and collaborations that have one priority: green impact and upcycling.

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