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OKO provides support to families of visually impaired children (everyday life, sports, school), but also advocates for a better integration of such individuals and reaches out to the business sector with entreprenurial ideas (apps, games).

-Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to the general public?

The goals of the Association are to raise the quality of living conditions of visually impaired children by demanding changes to the Law and Regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and further through: organization of stays in preschool and school institutions, rehabilitation programs, organization of rehabilitation such as swimming and riding, procurement of didactic aids, informing parents about their rights and the rights of their children, education of parents. It informs the general public about the existence of children with disabilities in order to sensitize society to accept them as well as possible.

That is why the association wants to be present in the media,  and institutions, and get involved in various netoworking activities with other associations and stakeholders.

What kind of collaborations are you looking for?

Business and financial support for entrepreneurial ideas.

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