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The aim of the project is to support the Local Volunteer Center in the Chęciny commune by providing volunteer data and a database of volunteers declaring volunteers, extended knowledge and competences of volunteers, providing LCW, support and technical support, recommended actions, a point promoting local volunteering.

For cooperation with 11 entrepreneurs from the commune of Małogoszcz and Chęciny who became involved in the project, they achieved the level of collecting money for the construction of a house for fire victims. Entrepreneurs financially supported the basic data and placed the cans for the above-mentioned purpose.
Asumpt volunteers properly prepared to perform the role of a volunteer. They meet regularly during integration meetings. Volunteering for a long time is of a temporary and action-oriented nature. Volunteers engage in events and events by the municipalities of Nowiny and Chęciny, organize the organization and their course. Volunteers join public and Polish actions. Currently, materials in food are being filled in the kitchen of caritas food of the diocese and electronic banking. They also supported the course of the national football tournament Trzuskawica Cup. Volunteers conducted public personal data of cans on their own during workshops – a summer charity campaign for a shoemaker. They also supported organizations organizationally. Volunteers respectfully initiate campaigns in the field of material support for the Orphanage in Nagłowice (collection of concepts, food, chemicals, toys). They also took part in a competition for mini-grants announced by the diocesan volunteer center and the voivodeship volunteer center in Kielce, implementing their own ideas. Building feeders and treats for them, which were then served in schools with an educational campaign on feeding birds in winter. An example of volunteering is green volunteering in a community garden, where volunteers look after plants. The community garden was named and boasted entirely by volunteers. Tracking a long-term commitment is support for the support for stray animals, support for the creation of day camps and animation of free work for children in the Chęciny commune, where volunteers supported animators in caring for children and organizing games and activities throughout the entire holiday period.

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