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Baterkáreň is a social enterprise hiding a shop and a charity reuse center. The company teaches people to live more sustainably, helping to change attitudes towards purchasing, goods and waste. Sustainable living is not just about accumulating and owning things, but also about disposing of them responsibly, or consciously reducing the waste we create to a minimum.

In Baterkáreň you can donate your unnecessary treasures, regularly dig up your things (exchange), borrow, get things you don’t need every day, or buy something nice for good money in our charity chisel. Discover our program full of lectures and various courses, buy non-packaging drugstores and cosmetics from Slovak manufacturers, or just come and have a coffee with friends or family while your children play in our corner.

Baterkareň also encourages companies to socially responsible business through cooperation in collections, the establishment of libraries or rental shops, the creation of volunteer opportunities and the establishment of fire portals for waste prevention.

Baterkáreň provides companies with the opportunity to set up a corporate portal, which works on the principle of returning items to circulation through donations. The company version is used for publishing offers, booking items and picking them up within the company, while the portal is accessible only to its employees. The project is relatively new and Baterkáreň is currently in the stage of addressing and communicating with selected companies. Communication is currently taking place with IKEA Bratislava s.r.o. and Kaufland Slovak Republic v.o.s.

Collections and setting up of rental shops and libraries

Due to working with the community and work with various organizations and initiatives, Baterkáreň has an overview of individuals and groups in need. Companies turn to Baterkáreň with requests for cooperation in organizing material collections. Baterkáreň takes donated items from them and move them on so that they can help. In 2020 and in 2021, company thus cooperated with IKEA Industry Slovakia, s.r.o.

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