CEDRA Split – Cluster za eko-društvene inovacije i razvoj

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Cluster for eco-social innovation and development – CEDRA Split is NGO formed as cluster of organizations with long-term records of activities in social entrepreneurship, rural development, social inclusion and capacity building acting as a support centers for social entrepreneurship. Cluster creates and links systems of support and capacity building for eco-social development.

Aim of this project is to promote and develop initiatives for inter-sector collaboration and partnership in creating efficient social policies and services, innovating models of social entrepreneurship in social services, for better employment of persons with disabilities, youth and other excluded groups.

Cluster is also coordinator in local partnership in project of development “Strategy of human resources for Split-Dalmatian County”. Local partnership is focused on labor market improvement, problems of employment and unemployment, active policies for labor market, systems of vocation trainings and educations. “Strategy for development of human resources in Split-Dalmatian County” is a result of these efforts. Also Cluster gathers ICT and creative industries sector with whom it develops innovative solutions for personal, organizational and community development based on the triple bottom line principles (economic, ecological and social benefits) including online developmental project pipelining and support. In the long term, Cluster aims at becoming the melting pot of eco-social innovations and initiatives, the development engine for the community.



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