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Cultural 4KAST is an event agency initiated by a young team with international and pluridisciplinary backgrounds who live in Strasbourg (France) and Karlsruhe (Germany). The events goals are to bring together newcomers and locals through meaningful intercultural experiences that highlight the diversity of the region.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to the general public?

We organize intercultural events for locals and newcomers of the cross-border region between Strasbourg and Karlsruhe, so that they can discover the region and open up to other cultures. Topics addressed are various, from music, poetry, visual arts, architecture to culinary culture considering the context of cultural differences between France and Germany. As the goal is to create links between the participants, the events are designed to cast discussions and wake up curiosity.

– What kind of collaborations are you looking for?

We  work a lot in collaboration with other organisations to create original and unique events. We can partner in different ways:

  • Be our guest for an event: come to present your art/works/knowledge and share about your culture to an international audience!
  • You organise an event in Karlsruhe or Strasbourg and are looking for a partner? Tell us about your idea and we would be happy to be your partner!
  • You own a restaurant, a bar or a great location to host an event around Strasbourg and Karlsruhe? We would be interested to discuss with you to organise our next event here!


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