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Sales agency – specialised on profit oriented Social Entrepreneurs. Happy customers are the most reliable resource for SocEnts to create sustainable and greater impact. We help to develop each individuals sales personality, make teams work hand in hand and establish sales processes that go alongside with the own business and its resources.

Training, Coaching and Consulting for sales and leadership.

Good Profits Sales is your GPS for effective sales. We guide you through the important areas to win more customers and thus achieve more impact: Your sales strategy; your ability to sell (and that of your team); and of course your concrete sales activities.

We draw a clear line between marketing (attracting prospects) and sales (turning prospects into customers). We are not interested in pretty pictures, viral campaigns or impressive appearances, but in “good profits” – for you and your company.

By the way, we only work with companies that benefit the environment and society. Because anything else simply doesn’t make sense for us!

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