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impactory is Austria’s largest online donation platform and makes social engagement simple and digital. It aims at establishing innovations, such as a mobile application, to make the process of donating more positively documented for individuals as well as companies. Especially for small organizations, impactory is one of the few risk-free and affordable options for online fundraising.

Fundraising is expensive, tedious and analog. With impactory – a social startup based in Vienna – we are making it not only up to 10x cheaper for non-profit-organizations, we also give them access to the next generation of donors and offer multiplier effects through innovative tools. Face-to-face fundraising is still the standard to gain new private permanent donors, which means randomly approaching people on the street. This brings many problems, e.g. it is not a targeted approach, and it is not eco-sustainable, as it involves sending millions of printed messages by mail to European households. This leads to a low participation of the younger generations, although studies show a high willingness to donate. impactory aims at transforming the donation process to make it more attractive and easily accessible.


Firstly, we provide an online donation platform as well as a mobile application for smartphones to the public which makes donating interactive, digital and easy. Through our communication and the community, we draw attention to social commitment and motivate people to stand up together for a better society. Additionally, our donation gift card is the perfect social gift for everyone who wants to change our society for the better.

Secondly, we help companies to improve their social engagement. Corporates use the so-called “impact pages” as a digital, interactive, measurable, and brand effective means of doing good. They can use their reach for good causes on an ongoing basis by integrating the link to their impact page into their digital communication. Furthermore, the donation gift card is gladly used by businesses as a gift with a social impact for employees, customers or corporate partners. Additionally, impactory also provides tailored solutions according to the company’s needs and wishes.

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