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Each year about 21 kilograms of bread per capita in Germany are thrown away because it is not sold in supermarkets. With our project keäksack we want to address this problem and at the same time strengthen our local community by giving a percentage of our revenue to local social projects.


About 21 kg of bread per person are thrown away every year in Germany. Definitely avoidable, but what can be done about it?


We asked ourselves this question and started looking for ways to save leftover bread from going into the trash can. So it came about that we started together on the floor of a shared kitchen the attempt to brew beer from leftover bread. None of us really knew anything about brewing beer, but that couldn’t stop us from our plan.

After several attempts at brewing with different results, we finally landed on the recipe we use today to brew keäksack.

Our mission

keäksack combines sustainability and social responsibility. With every beer, we create an opportunity to bring people together, use resources in a sustainable way, and support local, social projects like the Aachener Tafel.

Through the production of sustainable beer, we want to promote awareness of community thinking and action. Together with our partners, we are building a network that brings social impact products to market at fair prices.

Our values


With our beer, we reduce food waste by using bread that is not sold to make it.

Social justice

We are not about pure profit. Instead, we support social institutions in the region with our revenues.

Regional focus

We brew in the Rhineland and source our raw materials from regional suppliers.


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