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Kipepeo-Clothing creates clothing that is 100% produced by owner-managed family businesses in Tanzania and Kenya, from the cultivation of organic cotton to the ready-made clothing forby. The motives arise during regular school life at the partner schools in East Africa. The money raised is used to support the schools in which the respective motives were created.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to the general public?

Kipepeo Clothing solves social inequalities through a holistic, economic approach. They create safe jobs in Kenya and at the same time support schools and education in East Africa by the Kipepeo-Cycle, based on a socially oriented cycle of the basic principles of ecology, fairness, and sustainability. Kipepeo clothing products are mainly sold through their own online shop and from March 2022 also in their shop in Stuttgart.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to other enterprises?

In addition to their own products, they also produce individual adult and children’s clothing for brands, companies and schools. Companies benefit from high-quality, fair clothing and from the positive and trustworthy image of Kipepeo-clothing. In addition, they offer companies the opportunity to buy products from Kipepeo-clothing at reduced prices, e.g. as Christmas gifts for their employees.

They also provide their partners with a subdomain for integration on their own website that shows the complete value chain in East Africa.

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Socially minded people with high moral standards for companies

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