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Everything that we rack our brains and rend our hearts about– it’s all towards the goal of really enabling everyone to enjoy the best energy transformation possible. We’re bringing the energy transformation to people directly, promoting the energy transformation, offering REAL green energy, and working together with others to bring a greater orientation toward the common good into the economy.

Wirklich Ökostrom: 100% German run-of-river power at really fair terms and with an extra mile of change. That’s Wirklich Ökostrom. With Polarstern, you’re promoting the energy transformation more consistently than with other providers. Worldwide.

Wirklich Ökogas: It comes in three flavours: Wirklich Ökogas Klassik, Wirklich Ökogas vegan and Wirklich Ökogas GEG. Always from 100% biogas. TÜV certified and number 1 in the Utopia best list. It doesn’t get any more sustainable. Really.

We´re looking for cooperations that enable us and our partners to multiply the positive impact we create.


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