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rainmaker.travel democratizes travel technology and makes it inclusively available to emerging, small, medium and independent hospitality and tourism businesses as well as entire destinations.

Through digital transformation we enable them to rapidly recover from pandemic, get more resilient, independent from legacy OTA value chains, take back control in order to restore economic sustainability.


  • rainmaker is a social enterprise.
  • We started in 2016 to keep more tourism spend in destinations and to disrupt the broken value chain with online travel agents.
  • This is achieved through democratisation of digital technology and providing it inclusively to all emerging, small, medium and independent hospitality and tourism businesses or entire destinations.
  • The pandemic has changed the game of travel worldwide and has become a huge opportunity for the industry.
  • Our 5 Stages of Success holistic methodology and applications, our destination network, open platform and Eco-system build the unique Tourism Cloud Platform. The first vertical industry cloud in the world.
  • rainmaker in collaboration with tourism ministries, tourism boards, tourism associations enable hospitality and tourism businesses to:
    • rapidly recover from the pandemic
    • become more resilient
    • achieve independence from market dominating broken online travel agent (OTA) value chains such as booking, expedia etc.
    • take back control of their own visibility, digital presence, reputation, marketing and distribution
    • reduce cost and complexity in the day to day operation
  • in order to restore economic sustainability.
  • We believe that economic sustainability is the foundation of any other sustainability aspect, be it ecological, social or cultural. Without restoring economic sustainability, there will be no sustainable tourism development and no responsible travel.


In Africa and many other low- and middle-income destinations, the mandate of tourism is to create prosperity through employment, education, youth development, female development and much more. Tourism heavily contributes to the tourism sustainability goals.

However, due to the broken value chain, which makes hospitality and tourism business pay 60% to 80% of their GOP to online travel agents, additionally handing over customer ownership to them and experience a constant loss of their own visibility due to the “pirate and hijack” advertising with the business brand name and location. The business model and the tricks and traps of such platforms have become unethical in many ways.

On the other hand, the majority of the small, medium, independent hospitality and tourism businesses are not IT or digital geeks, nor marketers. They are overwhelmed by all this complexity and technology and can’t cope. Whereby the traveler has entirely digitized and demands digital services along the traveler mental model – dreaming, planning, booking & paying, experiencing and sharing.

rainmaker is here to disrupt this broken value chain with our holistic and unique platform and services, enabling destinations and their hospitality and tourism destinations with digital transformation for the better.

Products & Services

  • The rainmaker Tourism Cloud Platform | An Industries First Vertical Cloud Platform
  • The rainmaker Destination Network Open Platform and Ecosystem | An Industries First Supply Side Platform
  • The rainmaker 5 Stages of Success | A Holistic Methodology Covering the entire Customer Journey


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