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Right-wing extremism is a social problem, which is much too often underestimated and, if at all, is very often in public with the label “Individual Case”. Sekko Soziale – that is organic pearl wine with a social impact! The project supports a Nazi drop-out programme with one Euro per litre sold!

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to the general public?

Today’s consumer behavior is more and more characterized by the claim to get transparency – transparency about the origin, production methods and quality.

Sekko Soziale comes from a Rheinhessian family business in fourth generation. The bio-certified pearly wine is produced vegan and histamine. Two different versions are currently offered: The white version is a cuvée from Riesling, Bacchus and Müller-Thurgau. The alternative is a rosé, consisting of a mix of Spätburgunder and Merlot.

Sekko Soziale is available in two bottle sizes – in the 0.75-liter bottle and as 0.2 liters of piccolo. Both versions shapes a dry finish, an alcohol content of 11.5% and a small sugar content.

The compatibility for allergic artists comes from the manual selection of the grapes affected by rot. These are sorted out before the actual grape harvester. This increases the probability of a carefree enjoyment for allergy sufferers around a multiple. Because only the grapes affected by rot or yeast bacteria contain allergens (Histamins).

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to other enterprises?

Since December 2021, the bottle label can be customized individually in small stages.

Sekko Soziale offers companies of all kinds a clear political positioning for the exit from right-wing extremism. Through the possibility of customizing the bottle label, a sustainable political charging of the company positioning can take place. The focus here is on supporting an alternative – the exit from right-wing extremism. The corporate identity can be directly incorporated into the design of the bottle label and creatively implemented. The individualized bottles can be an alternative for conventional corporate gifts and promotional items, as well as being used for other advertising purposes and public relations topics.

– What kind of collaborations are you looking for?

Corporate cooperation: With the possibility of customizing the label, we would like to invite private individuals and companies of all kinds to set their own personal mark for the exit from right-wing extremism. In doing so, our product offers the opportunity to combine enjoyment and social impact.

Content cooperation: A cooperation with a large company can also mean content work for us. Be it in the form of podcasts, panel discussions, video and audio productions. This can involve inviting other companies to participate in promoting the exit from right-wing extremism and actively inviting and integrating companies.

The distribution of the Sekko Soziale product does not have to be in the focus, but can rather be “the face” of the respective action. Within this framework, of course, it depends on the core business of the company we are working with.

Development cooperations: We are still looking for cooperation partners for the extension of products, campaigns, presences and formats. One cooperation could be the development of a new, alcohol-free product.

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