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Social company sewing bags and accessories. We upcycle and recycle old cloths and technical leather waste. Many types of bags, wallets and accessories sew every day.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to the general public?

We offer very uniques tote bags, organic, upcycled bags, crossbags and backpack as well as upcycled products like makeupremoval cotton pads, keyrings.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to other enterprises? 

Marketing items and presents for their customer. All products can be customized, labeled and made on demand.

Rework is a problem in larger companies because it is not included in the price of the product. ZUP learns the work procedure on these partial works, get to know the products and acquire work habits.

Companies regularly order and buy reworked and other products from them.

Trained employees can also come to the company for representation during the holidays because they are familiar with the process

At the same time, the training workshop can produce on its own.

Cooperation with local vocational schools is already agreed upon together with ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development. Communication is taking place with Fauracia – a global leader in automotive technology. This cooperation is the main goal and the project has very high potential.

– What kind of collaborations are you looking for?

We are looking for distributor, buyers and customers.

The training workshop would be specified by industry and production. Companies “in the vicinity” would move discarded machines there, on which, disadvantaged job seekers (ZUP) are trained. Companies there can move smaller, partial orders, and failures to “rework”.

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