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Silicon Vilstal is a non-profit initiative from Lower Bavaria. It promotes open social innovation and makes digital opportunities in rural regions tangible. The activities are possible thanks to a broad societal network. Silicon Vilstal is a learning example for rural entrepreneurs from Asia and Africa and a partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to the general public?

The activities are made possible by a broad social network of institutions, municipalities, companies and individuals. The mix of rural actors with initiatives from all over Germany is what makes it so charming. Silicon Vilstal is a member of the Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (SEND e.V.). Together they offer visability and knowledge transfer in the region and to the public.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to other enterprises?

Silicon Vilstal organizes projects and events in the following fields of action: MINT education, start-up and culture / creativity: the ideas workshop is a regular MINT educational offer for children and adolescents. Mint is the abbreviation for mathematics, computer science, science and technology. Under the name “creative room” it provides actions with artists and creatives at changing places. 

The founder program “Bauer sucht Startup” offers young companies (“startups”) of all industries the opportunity to try their ideas in our region. The annual “Silicon Vilstal Erlebnisfestival” is one of the great rural innovation events. The mix of rural actors of the Lower Bavarian region and initiatives from all over Germany makes the special charm of Silicon Vilstal.

– What kind of collaborations are you looking for?

The simplest form of cooperation is sponsorship and content-related participation of the company in the annual Silicon Vilstal Experience Festival, one of the largest rural innovation events in Germany. As a real laboratory, it enables companies to test products or services with a social impact in an authentic environment, e.g. in STEM education topics or digital innovation for people.

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