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SIA empowers youth to make a difference in 15+ countries across Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. We support their development into active agents of change that build social ventures and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.
We do so by hosting local events and organizing workshops on social entrepreneurship, running incubation programs and inspiring local youth to take action.

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We try to reduce all the barriers that keep from participating: lack of information, disciplinary and languages barriers, geographic constraints, prejudice, and many others. We pursue a low-barrier approach by running workshops in all relevant student cities and not just the capitals, offering formats and websites in the local language, choosing barrier-free workshop locations, avoiding business lingo where possible, answering all requests fast, etc. Most importantly, we spread our information broadly among students of all disciplines and geographic locations.
In most places we are the first, and in some, the only point of contact to social entrepreneurship for students. 

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The highest priority of SIA is the educational program and the entrepreneurial experience of participants. While some get support and money in the end (and may become an inspiration for next years’ participants) and others don’t, everyone has access to the full curriculum and offerings of SIA and gets the chance to experience social entrepreneurship for themselves.

We’ve pioneered an innovative licensing model that has allowed us to reach youth in over 25 countries since our inception in 2009. By working with locally embedded partners, we offer programs that are deeply rooted in local realities, and nurture nascent social entrepreneurship ecosystems in our countries of activity.

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