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We are Spielköpfe, a young start-up from Germany that redesigned the classic card deck to be more inclusive and fairer. Have you ever noticed how in the classical card deck every depicted person is white, the highest position is only held by men and there is no diversity in the representation of gender (identities)? We changed that! Our cards are gender-equitable, diverse and sustainable.

Games should be fun and bring people together.
For this we need more diverse and fairer images in which very different people can find themselves. Spielköpfe redesigns games to educate people about important topics such as equal rights in a playful way. We turn the playing world on it’s head!

Our playing cards: We redesigned the classical card deck to be more gender-equitable, diverse and sustainable! It contains the cards 2 to Ace in a simple version and one extra card, if you have lost one card.

How does it work?

From King to King*Queen: Our K-Q cards have a king on one side and a queen on the other. So kings and queens become equal. You can play with them like in the usual deck of cards with the king. Every card looks different, just like we do.

From Queen to Officer: The former Queens become Officers. Symbolized by male and female characters. Since O looks similar to Q it is still easy to find it in your hand, and you do not have to learn any new rules.

From Jack to Junior: The former Jacks become Juniors. Also symbolized by male and female characters. We depict different forms of masculinity and feminitiy and diverse people.

gender-equitable: There is a queen and a king on every K card. Any gender can be found in any position. Different forms of femininity and masculinity are shown.

diverse: Every card looks different – like we do. There is no room for stereotypes. Our pictures are drawn by different artists with different backgrounds.

sustainable: Our decks are printed on recyclable paper and ecological inks. In addition, we donate 50 cents for each deck of cards sold to the foundation fund for civil sea rescue.



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