Stilianos Babauszoda / Stilianos Baby Swimming

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Stilianos runs swimming pools offering water activities exclusively for babies and their parents following the Stilianos Hydro Development method.

SHD baby swimming is advisable to start by already 3 month old children because the child’s physical and mental health is having a ground at this early age. The aquittance of every relevant ability and skill has it’s own suitable period when the nervous system becomes enough mature for it. These sensitive periods are dominant in the development of the early ages.
During SHD trainings we lean on these sensitive periods and childrens natural medium: movement and play.

We put a great emphasis during the trainings on creating by children water safety from an early age of only a few months. Due to aquiring water safety tasks and confirmed presence of mind they are able to navigate confidential in water at the age of 2-3 years and in an emergency, they are able consciously overcome panic.

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