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Talents4Good is a social entrepreneur company based in Germany (Munich and Berlin) which supports large corporates and large organisations to reach out to staff which are experts in social innovation.

Through his many years of involvement in the supporter network of Ashoka, the world’s largest network for social entrepreneurs, Munich-based entrepreneur Marco Janezic is familiar with the challenges facing social enterprises in Germany and sees time and again: success and growth in impact are also largely dependent on the people who stand for an idea and make it strong. With great passion, he has therefore been pursuing his goal since the beginning of 2011: the founding of an initiative that offers targeted personnel services as an interface between personnel needs and talents.

At the same time, management consultant Anna Roth in Frankfurt am Main is taking the step of embarking on a new career path. She wanted a job at a social enterprise. And she quickly discovered that finding one was more complicated than she thought. There is no platform that provides information about jobs with a social impact and bundles them together.

This is exactly what Carola von Peinen in Munich experienced. At this point, the business economist has been working for the temporary employment agency Randstad for more than nine years and is also looking for a career with social added value. “If something like this doesn’t exist yet,” Carola thinks to herself, “maybe you just have to do it yourself!”

The three founders find each other through joint networks – the foundation stone for Talents4Good is laid! Together with Ashoka, Marco, Anna and Carola founded Talents4Good GmbH at the end of 2012 as a social business based in Berlin and Munich.

Ashoka brings in the perspective of social entrepreneurs. The network is intensively dedicated to the question of how barriers to the success of social entrepreneurs and the growth of social innovation can be removed – and works actively in this context in the field of talent.

The founders are now pooling their talents to fill a gap in the workforce. Their goal: to provide social initiatives with the best possible talent. And at the same time, to offer people the opportunity to contribute to social value professionally.


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