Utcáról Lakásba Egyesület

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Our goal is to help the largest possible number of rough sleepers to move into affordable rental housing, and to achieve that affordable housing provision become the institutional, national policy level solution to homelessness. We support this through the introduction and promotion of new, cooperation-based social work methods.

Our main activity is based on an innovative idea: we renovate vacant, run-down municipal apartments with the help of volunteers, as well as the participation of the homeless families who will then be able to move into the apartments.

Besides, we also intend to set up a housing management agency, to involve privately owned vacant housing into affordable housing provision. Furthermore, we also aim to actively support the adoption of the Housing First method in Hungary, and its application within social policy. Out entire work is open and transparent, and our related continuous communication campaign aims at raising awareness about homelessness and the housing crisis, and calling attention to the individual and social consequences of housing problems.


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