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We aim to become Europe’s first sustainable insurance company – with transparent, ecological-social investments only, with a cooperative that enables participation. Following successful BaFin approval, we will initially offer property insurance products such as household or liability, and later also life and health insurance. Currently, customers can already benefit from our bicycle protection.

With BIKE, we protect your bike or e-bike against theft, vandalism, accidents and falls – and invest all the money according to ecological-social criteria.
With CHECK, we put you in touch with financial advisors who specialise in sustainability out of personal conviction and work free of large companies.
We would like to get in touch with other companies for possible cooperations, investments or customer relations.

For the future, we are planning private property insurance products – such as household contents, liability, accident and electronics insurance.
As well as commercial property insurance products – with suitable products for sustainable business models, the circular economy, the renewable energy sector or sharing concepts.

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