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WeiterGebenOrg collects used furniture from various authorities, municipalities, companies and corporations and distributes them as donations to non-profit associations and institutions. In the next step, the furniture industry is to be brought together with important players in order to create a furniture circulation system.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to the general public?

The ecological-social enterprise WeiterGebenOrg was founded to create a furniture recycling system. It is open to all market participants, starting from furniture producers, new and second-hand trade to repair service providers and recyclers. It offers alternatives to bulky waste. Disposal of the majority of the old furniture is unnecessary, as interested parties can be found via WeiterGebenOrg. Alternatively, you can have the furniture repaired or even upgraded.

– Which products/services does this enterprise/organization provide to other enterprises?

In Central Europe, maybe even in the whole EU, WeiterGebenOrg is one of the only organisation that mediates used school furniture between educational institutions. Schools, high schools, colleges and universities have a platform to quickly find buyers for their used furniture, or to get school furniture themselves.

WeiterGebenOrg offers

  • EU-wide platform for used school furniture which is basically available to all schools, grammar schools, colleges and universities to quickly find interested parties for their own used furniture or to procure school furniture yourself.
  • Furniture donation information system which informs non-profit associations and institutions about local and regional furniture donations
  • Building a trade / networking platform for the furniture industry to maximize the useful life

– What kind of collaborations are you looking for?

Companies that want to get rid of their used furniture effectively, socially and ecologically. Companies find it difficult to find buyers for used furniture. Their attempts to donate good used furniture to social and charitable organisations are unfortunately often unsuccessful. Not because organisations do not have a need, but in most cases, the search for a buyer for the used furniture is started at far too short notice. Since there is usually no overview of non-profit organisations, they have to be searched for individually by hand.  Therefore one of the outcomes of this project is that companies are connected to charitable organisations and thus the process of transferring furniture is made simpler. WeiterGebenOrg is looking for such companies, that supports the initiative in more furniture being redistributed to non-profit associations and organisations. 

Also they are looking for those involved in the furniture industry: furniture manufacturers, furniture logistics and furniture repair to discuss interests and implement common needs in order to create a furniture circulation system.


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