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Green Network of Activist Groups (ZMAG) is an association that brings together organic gardeners, practitioners of applicable technologies and eco-building, permaculture designers, researchers of equitable social models of organization and equal interpersonal relationships, and environmental activists.

  • running the Recycled Estate – an open educational centre in the village of Vukomerić, as an exemplary model of environmentally sustainable and socially aware space designed according to the principles of permaculture
  • providing knowledge, information and experience in the application of eco-technologies to various groups of users: local government and the community, environmental organizations and the rest of civil society, farmers, entrepreneurs, students and activists, and all interested parties
  • dissemination of permaculture ideas, ecological knowledge and skills, applicable models and technologies, important for sustainable development and raising the quality of life of people through networking with similar initiatives and organizations in Croatia, the region and the world

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