Association For Wellbeing And Development (ABD)

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Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo (ABD) has developed and implemented more than 65 services and programmes to support vulnerable people and fight social exclusion. Their actions focus on strengthening community care and the independence of people most in need.

ABD’s mission is the creation and management of projects and services focused on people and communities to facilitate their empowerment and strengthen their active role in generating social equality and personal and collective well-being.

They believe in a fair society which eradicates inequalities and social exclusion. Where every family and children have the same opportunities, where women and men can live in real equality, and the elderly and dependent people or those with functional diversity may have a dignified life.

ABD believes in a future in which the young -and the not so young- use drugs in a conscious and critical way, where there are no evictions and the right to housing is respected, but also the right of asylum; we wish to host migrants and refugees so that all of us can live with equal opportunities, regardless of our cultural background.

They develop 101 programsour own ones and some public services, which are aimed at defending the rights of people and that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

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