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BAM! works in Italy and Europe together with museums, festivals, theatres, cultural districts, local authorities, universities, foundations, associations and private social realities on the themes of cultural management to break down walls and barriers that keep citizens out of the places of culture, bring communities closer to heritage, develop a sense of care for the common good.

BAM is composed by three dimensions of interest and action:

  1. Analysis
  2. Project design and planning
  3. Education
  4. Communication

BAM is a team of professionals that works alongside cultural institutions and projects to construct strategic paths.

After starting out as an association in 2009, BAM! Strategie Culturali went on to become a cooperative in 2012. It works with museums, festivals, theatres, cultural districts, local bodies, universities, foundations and non-profit entities in Italy and across Europe, assisting them with cultural management.

We offer our expertise as consultants, designers, training personnel, communication and marketing professionals, developing the most effective strategies, focus on objectives, study feasibility and sustainability, monitor results and evaluate the impact of different actions.

Having observed the changes taking place in Italy’s cultural sector over the years, we have adapted our services to meet the new requirements and cover all the latest developments in the field: digital and social mediacultural and creative enterpriseseuropean projectslocal marketing and cultural planning; urban regenerationaudience-focused approaches, designed to boost engagement; the role of culture in community welfare.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate cultural access and ensure cultural involvement for an increasingly broad and diverse audience.

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