BATTITI Accelerator for socially & environmentally innovative startups

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BATTITI is the accelerator and validation programme dedicated to innovative startups producing high social and environmental impact in the Emilia Region (Italy). It is promoted by Emil Banca with the technical support of Kilowatt.

The project was born in 2018 with a direct knowledge of the world of business incubation and acceleration and the desire to adapt tools, approaches and strategies to the peculiarities of our fields of expertise.

We believe that one of the preliminary needs of a startup is to be part of a network offering opportunities, collaborations, exchanges of expertise and trust. For this reason, BATTITI is intended as a participatory project, where beside support and mentoring businesses are also offered inclusion in a community of reference (market, supply chain, interests).

The selected business are accompanied in the testing and validation phase through an ecosystem perspective, thanks to the activation of a network of companies, partners, experts of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. The startups can benefit from a six-month highly intensive acceleration program, free of charge. A hands-on experience during which they were able to build a path of validation and access to the market.

The best startups are evaluated by Emil Banca for receiving a capital investment of up to a maximum of 20.000 €, against a minority stake in the company of at least 5%.

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