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COSI wants to promote social and ecological innovations to enable solutions for the most urgent challenges of our world. By providing an ecosystem, knowledge is to be created, communicated and exchanged.

COSI offers the following services:

  • Tailor-Made Education Programs: They create your tailor-made entrepreneurship or education programs (digital, hybrid or physical participation) and are involved in: Digital Social Innovation LabFCCI Cacao Academy
  • Custom Programs: COSI is exited to launch the first European Hackubator in 2021.
  • Open Education and Innovation Plattform: With their platform they want to support social and ecological projects and the development of the founders in Germany and Europe. Furthermore, they want to create a network of the European social economy.
  • Tailor-Made Digital Events: With their knowledge in the fields of digitalization and education, they are ready to enrich your events and workshops by creating holistic event formats.
  • Systemic Organization Development: With their customized innovation programs, they take companies to the next evolutionary stage.

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