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Crowdfunding Academy team educate about crowdfunding, support teams with tools and resources and promote crowdfunding as a great way to make your projects come to life.

Crowdfunding is still underused possibility for people with great ideas. Nonprofits, companies and individuals can use crowdfunding to innovate and create new projects that will make the world a better place. That is the reason why social impact agency BRODOTO and United Nations Development Program in Croatia started Crowdfunding Academy. This educational program serves everyone who has a great idea, but lacks knowledge how to use crowdfunding to make it a reality.

During Crowdfuning Academy you:

  •  learn how to plan and launch campaigns. From the project idea and financing plan until design, video pitch and communication plan – we have it all covered
  • receive mentorship before and after launching the campaign from someone who worked on some inventive and successful campaigns

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