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The project aims to develop the potential of NGOs in the law-making process. The project provides training, seminars and individual support for NGOs, and the project developed instructions and tools for public participation.

The diagnosis showed the educational needs of representatives of Małopolska’s NGOs in the area of ​​developing competences necessary for effective participation in the law-making process, such as: comprehensive development of expert and legal knowledge in various fields, necessary for active participation in the work of social and civil dialogue bodies increasing knowledge of the procedures for the functioning of social and civil dialogue bodies, the rights and obligations of NGOs in the law-making process, the rights and obligations of representatives of public administration in the law-making process development of the ability to formulate arguments, positions, opinions with the use of legal knowledge developing the ability to represent broader social groups of the environment development of attitudes focused on dialogue and cooperation.

The project “Effective public participation of NGOs” includes 4 task areas corresponding to 4 aspects of competence development in the field of effective participation in the law-making process, i.e .:

1.participatory education – (THEORY) acquisition and development of knowledge in the field of the legislative process in various areas of law through training, newsletter and a handbook of public participation

2.participation experience – (EXPERIMENT) exercises in the field of participation in various forms of law-making through consultation seminars

3.Participatory practice – (PRACTICE) providing knowledge and solutions to project participants in the field of practical participation in the law-making process through support in the field of public and legal consultations

4. observation of the participation process – (REFLECTION) reflection on solutions, forms of NGO participation in the law-making process, transfer of experience, looking for better solutions through participation in the Academy of public participation.


All activities will be carried out in Małopolska within 30 months, i.e. until the end of March 2020.


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