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Forum del Terzo Settore is a representative association of the Third Sector in Italy. It represents 90 national organizations that operate in the fields of Volunteering, Association, Social Cooperativism, International Solidarity, Ethical Finance, Fair Trade.

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The main objective of Forum del Terzo Settore is to enhance the activities and experiences of citizens who are autonomously organized, in order to improve the quality of life of the community through innovative paths based on equity, social justice, subsidiarity and sustainable development.

Its main tasks include:

  • Social and political representativeness of the sector towards the government and national institutions;
  • Coordination and support of inter-associative networks;
  • Communication of values, projects and requests of the organized entities of the Third Sector.

Beside the national association, Forum del Terzo Settore is further declined in 20 regional forums, as well as in numerous provincial and local forums to which civil society organizations operating at the local level belong.

Forum del Terzo Settore includes several active thematic councils and working groups, such as:

Environment and territory; Social promotion associations; Culture, tourism, sports and wellness; Disability and non-self-sufficiency; Social economy; Regional forums; Childhood, adolescence and youth; Health and elderly people; Education and school; Europe, the world and international cooperation; Volunteering; Civil service table, Technical-legislative table; Gdl People deprived of their liberty.

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