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AVISE is France’s knowledge and development agency for alternative entrepreneurship. Avise identifies and shares entrepreneurial initiatives, publishes how-to guides, facilitates professional learning and provides mentoring for social entrepreneurs.

Social enterprises of work integration in Slovakia

The publication was created on the basis of a cooperation agreement between the Association of Young Roma and the Institute for a Well-Managed Society within the project “Increasing Roma Employment through Social Economy”.

Forum del Terzo Settore

Forum del Terzo Settore is a representative association of the Third Sector in Italy. It represents 90 national organizations that operate in the fields of Volunteering, Association, Social Cooperativism, International Solidarity, Ethical Finance, Fair Trade.

Gruppo Unipol – Fondazione Unipolis

Gruppo Unipol created a Business Foundation- classified as a not for profit body – engaged in the support to many cultural and social initiatives through financement and other actions. Among the most important one: CULTURABILITY initiative to support projects of regeneration of urban spaces (such as abandoned industrial sites or underused sites) dedicated to cultural and social innovative project

Crowdfunding Energy Access – State of the Market Report 2019-2020

Energy 4 Impact is a non-profit organisation working with local businesses to extend access to energy in Africa, impacting the quality of life for millions of people. Its report comprises part of Energy 4 Impact’s research programme ‘Crowd Power’ which examines the role of alternative finance, such as crowdfunding, in the energy access sector.


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