The Association for Sustainable Development “Pozitiva Samobor”

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The scope of the Association is topics in the field of work with children and youth, nature, culture, recreation, education and healthy living. Creating a positive environment is what the members of the Association strive to do through their work and investment of their knowledge and time. The association is based on the principle of sustainable development.

The Association’s strategy for the period from 2021 to 2025 was adopted after a detailed process of strategic planning based on the revision of past achievements and the definition of future goals. It is important element is the development of the Association’s own business venture based on the principles of social entrepreneurship, which is the result of the long-term goal of starting its own rural education center.

Strategic guidelines are aimed primarily at improving the organizational development of the Association, namely the strengthening of human capacity and the development of sustainable business. Guidelines related to the program activities of the Association in the forthcoming period are focused on four key areas:

  1. Active participation of young people in society, within which the objectives are to encourage the inclusion of young people in active participation in the community and to encourage the mobility of young people;
  2. Employment and entrepreneurship, within which the goals are to increase the employability of target groups and to develop entrepreneurial initiative and encourage self-employment;
  3. Ecology and sustainable development, within which the goals are to develop a culture of care for the environment and sustainable development and to develop ecological tourism in the local community;
  4. A healthy and active lifestyle, within which the goals are to encourage sports and recreation and to promote a healthy diet.

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