Social enterprises of work integration in Slovakia

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The publication was created on the basis of a cooperation agreement between the Association of Young Roma and the Institute for a Well-Managed Society within the project “Increasing Roma Employment through Social Economy”.

Social entrepreneurship is currently a poorly developed business area in Slovakia, conceptually and legally ambiguous, and the number of entities that can be called social enterprises is low. The aim of this publication is, based on empirical research, to map out the barriers social enterprises in Slovakia encounter.

In this research, was used a combination of several types of research methods. In the framework of qualitative field research, they have examined 10 social enterprises and made in-depth interviews with representatives of enterprises as well as with experts in this field from the public sector, NGO sector and academic sphere. Qualitative research was supplemented with a quantitative questionnaire survey on the views and experience of representatives of municipalities with municipal entrepreneurship.

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