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Gruppo Unipol created a Business Foundation- classified as a not for profit body – engaged in the support to many cultural and social initiatives through financement and other actions. Among the most important one: CULTURABILITY initiative to support projects of regeneration of urban spaces (such as abandoned industrial sites or underused sites) dedicated to cultural and social innovative project

Unipolis is the business foundation of the Unipol Group and UnipolSai.

From 2009 to 2012, Fondazione Unipolis supported cultural spaces in socially and economically complex contexts: in 2010 the Bibliocasa in L’Aquila after the earthquake, in 2011-12 the Centro Territoriale Mammut in the Scampia district of Naples and the Le Balate children’s library in Palermo. Since 2013, Unipolis has promoted culturability calls to support cultural and social innovation projects, with a specific focus on cultural spaces born from regeneration and reactivation processes.

Culturability is the programme promoted since 2009 by the Unipolis Foundation to promote and support cultural initiatives capable of generating innovation with a view to sustainable development and triggering community activation and cohesion processes in local areas.

The culturability programme is part of Unipolis’ broader commitment in the culture sector (and in the tangent ones of welfare and work).The main objectives are to contribute to supporting cultural professionals and organisations in capacity building and growth; to facilitate processes of comparison and open innovation between public and private institutions and grassroots cultural organisations; to promote access to culture in order to reduce social inequalities; and to encourage the dissemination of opportunities for reflection that form critical and aware citizens.

We work to enable, connect and support cultural organisations and spaces, capable of generating new energy in the various areas of the country. These are the 3 key words of the programme.

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