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The Refugees Forward Foundation (Forward Incubator) was established in 2017 with the objective to empower entrepreneurs with a refugee background in their new countries of residence, helping them become economically independent and integrated into local societies.

Till date Forward Incubator has supported 71 entrepreneurs with a refugee background and has worked with over 500 volunteers, both university students as well as experienced professionals in the field of entrepreneurship.

The focus of this non-profit organization is to:
  • Develop an effective, tailored, and personal approach to entrepreneurship and incubator programs for refugees;
  • Connect refugees with an interest in entrepreneurship with students and other groups;
  • Provide the opportunities related to either participants’ own business or empowerment through paid employment and further education;
  • Disseminate knowledge to the professionals and students involved in the different programs, breaking down barriers between locals and refugees and creating mutual understanding between all people involved in the community.

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